Homoeopathy Never Fails,
So As Non-Violence Also Never Fails

- Mahathma

Concept of Homeopathy

Health is the state of harmony of body and the mind. Disturbance of harmony results in disease which is expressed in the form of signs and symptoms. In every case of a disease, a person gives two types of symptoms - Common and Uncommon. Common symptoms are those symptoms which are found in most cases of a particular disease, whereas uncommon symptoms reflect the individuality of a patient. This is the basis for the individualizing each patient in homeopathy.

Each organ has no separate existence in the body, i.e. the organs are interdependent. When a particular organ is defective, the chain of harmony is broken and the disease results. In Homeopathy, the patient should be treated as a whole rather than treating each organ separately.

For example, In maxillary sinusitis, the pus in the sinus causes pressure on the gums thereby spreading the bacteria and causing gum and tooth infection. In this case, since there isone cause for both the sinusitis and the gum infection (genguitis), the remedy should alsobe one for both problems.

Cure means removal of signs and symptoms, removal of tendency to get the disease and restoration of complete health. Cure should be brought by individualizing each patient, selecting a remedy by law of similars, and administering a minimum, diluted, potentised dose with no side effects.

The mind and emotions are also considered in treating the patient in homeopathy. At the end of the treatment, not only are the symptoms removed, but the mind also becomes calm and peaceful. Modern medicine has recently started accepting the fact that many diseases (e.g. Migraine, acidity, ulcer, hypertension, and diabetes) are psychosomatic, whereas homeopathy has been considering this to be true for the past 200 years.

To treat disease, the body needs a little stimulus to its own healing process. Administeredmedicine doesn't have to directly fight the disease, rather, the body should fight thedisease there by improving its general resistance and reducing the probability of developing new diseases.




Head Ache


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History of Homeopathy

Homeopathy, the safest system of medicine for all ages, was founded by the once-vexed German orthodox Allopathic physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, M.D (1755-1843). He was very "disappointed with the ways of traditional medical treatment and the results.



Migraine and headaches

• Homeopathic treatment is the best choice for Migraine and headaches as it has the best medicine without any side effects.
• Changes in nervous system because of unknown reason is the cause for migraine

• Imbalance between body and soul may also be the reason
• Pain may associate with vomiting sensation. Sometimes, headache may resemble the one which is caused by sinuses.
• With proper treatment, it can be cured completely.



• The advantage of homoeopathic treatment is that it has zero side effects, after effects or allergy.
• It is completely safe for pregnant women and babies.
• Medicines also has a pleasant taste to help us take easily.

• With proper treatment and medicine PCOD can be treated successfully.


skin diseases

• In homeopathy skin diseases can be cured completely with all the available natural products around us.
• Treatment depends on the condition of the skin, genetic reasons and also the immunity level of the patient.

• In this treatment, it is not only treating the problems from outside but also it purifies the whole body from within and gives a lifetime solution.
• Various skin problems like Eczema, Herpes, Dermatitis, skin allergy, fungus, acne, hair loss and many other skin problems can be treated successfully with the help of right medicine with continuous care.


Kidney Stones

• Treatment is given depending on the shape and location of the stone.
• Treatment differs from person to person depending on the location of the stone, severity and the mental stability of the patient.

• The main advantage of the homeopathic treatment is that it prevents stone forming again in future.



• Homeopathy has the best medicine to treat impotency.

• Many people got treated successfully with right medicine suited for their problems.



• Before starting the proper treatment, a detailed case analysis is done on various issues.
• Counselling for the couple and proper diet advice also given along with the medicine.

• This way it helps patient to be cured and gives a good solution